Emmepi Group represents the evolution of the corrugated cardboard handling market.

An evolution that has been able to combine the different technical achievements with the clear goal of finding solutions tailored to the customer's needs.

A flexible and customized control process as possible as the one pursued by Emmepi Group cannot be implemented except by a team of software developers capable of converting guidelines into clear and efficient procedures.

Technicians prepared to deal with the optimization of material handling, guaranteeing speed of execution of the tasks assigned to the automatic machines (strapping machines, pallet dispensers, sheet feeders, winders ...) manage the storage of materials in the intermediate and final warehouses, guarantee a supply of cardboard in the machine according to the plans of the different ERP systems.

More and more often he is called upon to collaborate with other professionals specialized in other highly sensitive aspects for companies, for example aspects related to the Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

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