Social responsibility

There is no single formula, perfect and unbreakable, to do good. There is a willingness to bring together the available resources with a request for help. There is the humility to commit to recognizing the true priorities of a territory and its inhabitants and, on the basis of these, to seek a solution.
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Emmepi Group has always been committed to social issues.

Funded projects and donations have always taken into account contexts of specific need, modulating from time to time on the real request for help.

Our partners are cancer research institutes, non-profit organizations for helping children with serious illnesses, “Croce Rossa Italiana” and the Umbrian Hospital to which respirators and life-saving equipment have been provided for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

To cope with the crisis produced by the pandemic, we have made contributions to various municipalities in Umbria, Lombardy and Veneto, the territories where our Group’s production activities are based.

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